Building and Communicating a Brand in a New Sector


Building and communicating a brand in a new sector

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is not news.

Carbon Negative, Circular Economy CEA is.

ESG is a circular economy mega-platform for food-energy-waste. The company is building the world’s first network of carbon-negative 400,000 sq ft, indoor crop factories across the US. Each facility will produce 20 tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs every day and will be powered by energy from on-site solar panels, manure digesters, and waste-to-energy plants. Visit ESG’s website here.

I originated branding and strategy for communications with press, public, and investors including website, social media, crowdfunding platforms, videos, investor presentations, and supporting material. I provide strategic guidance to core team members and author external communications, research and open contact with potential investors, cultivate press and community relations with relevant outlets and officials. Visit ESG’s website here.

ESG Brand Positioning Social Media Video Series

This series of videos provides multiple audiences with clear, concise information conveying both the urgent need for carbon negative agriculture, and ESG’s position as category authority and leader.